Three Steps For Inspecting And Getting Rid Of Mold

Seeing mold grow all over surfaces in your home is enough of a sight to make your skin crawl. It can also cause some health problems if it's a more dangerous strain of mold. If you're in the middle of a mold problem in your house, you have to treat it with seriousness and care. Here are some of the steps that need to be taken. 1. Get mold inspection services from a professional

Why You Should Have Post-Remediation Mold Sampling Done

If you have recently been dealing with an issue with mold in your home, then you might have hired a mold remediation company to help you with the problem. This is typically the best way to deal with a mold issue in the home, but there is still one thing that you may need to do: post-remediation mold sampling. Basically, this involves having your home checked for any remaining mold. These are some of the reasons why you should have post-remediation mold sampling done in your home, even if you think that the mold issue in your home has been taken care of.

Holiday Excess: How To Get Rid Of It All Sooner

If there is one thing that gets to be too much, it is the overflow of recyclable items from a large and festive holiday. If you find that you are still throwing out cardboard from December in the beginning of February, you need some waste management solutions pronto. Here is what you can do now, and what you can do to prevent this next holiday season.  If You Can, Ask a Neighbor for Spare Room in Their Recycling Bins

An Amateur Photography Strategy For Picking The Best Dumpster

When the day arrives to sell your home, a cleanout becomes a top priority. Hiring a crew to haul everything away is an option, and so is renting a dumpster and doing everything yourself. A little help from your friends is appreciated, as are the potentially lower costs associated with DIY cleanouts. You do want to rent the right dumpster, however, and taking photographs can help the cause. Don't Rent the Wrong Dumpster for the Job