Holiday Excess: How To Get Rid Of It All Sooner

If there is one thing that gets to be too much, it is the overflow of recyclable items from a large and festive holiday. If you find that you are still throwing out cardboard from December in the beginning of February, you need some waste management solutions pronto. Here is what you can do now, and what you can do to prevent this next holiday season. 

If You Can, Ask a Neighbor for Spare Room in Their Recycling Bins

It is a little unusual, but if you notice that your neighbors do not typically use their recycling bins, or they do not use a lot of space in those bins, politely ask if they would be willing to let you put your recycling overflow in their bins. Some neighbors might, others will not, but you do not know until you try. It beats waiting week after week to try to squeeze more overflow in your bin along with the rest of the recycling you have accumulated each week. 

If Your Neighbors Say No, Consider Hauling Some of It to a Recycling Plant Yourself

It is a hassle to load your excess holiday cardboard and plastics into the back of a borrowed pickup truck and take it all to a nearby recycling plant, but it beats having it continuously pile up with no place to go for weeks or months. There are plenty of recycling plants in each state; you just have to find out where they are and take this year's remaining recyclable overflow to the nearest plant. 

Rent a Dumpster Next Year

If you plan far enough ahead, you can secure a dumpster for the holidays. A couple of days is all you need, including the holiday day you celebrate in particular. It does not matter if you need the dumpster for an office party, or you need it for all of the gift refuse that accumulates after a family gathering. That way, you can get rid of all of that excess in one trip, and the waste management company can come pick up the dumpster and dispose of it all for you. You can even rent a second dumpster for garbage, which helps if you have more than twenty people feasting at your home or at the office on any one holiday. If you get two dumpsters, be sure to clearly sign and assign one as the garbage and one as the recyclables.